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28 October 2014
New standards of cooperation between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals announced by APRAD
19 September 2014
Congratulations with a professional holiday – the Pharmacologist Day!
19 August 2014
Questions and Answers (Q&As) on the APRAD Ethical Code revised in July, 2014
7 July 2014
Проект Концепції універсальної системи відшкодування (реімбурсації) лікарських засобів пацієнтам з хронічними захворюваннями
13 May 2014
Meeting with the MoH Deputy Ministers
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The Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD) has been formed by 18 world leading pharmaceutical companies active in the research and development of new medicines that improve health and quality of life, with a presence in Ukraine.

The pharmaceutical industry, represented by APRaD, is committed to the research and development, quality manufacturing and distribution of innovative medicines that save lives, reduce overall health care costs and improve the quality of life of people. As a non-for-profit and non-governmental organization, APRaD gives much emphasis to co-operation with Ukrainian authorities, and other international organizations concerned with health and pharmaceutical industry-related issues.

The Association’s objectives are to become a recognized voice of the research-based pharmaceutical industry operating in Ukraine, to promote value of innovations, to conduct effective advocacy for public policies that improve access to quality medicines in Ukraine, and to be effective strategic partner to the Government of Ukraine.


APRAD is a Member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations - EFPIA.


APRaD Strategic priorities:

The Association focuses on four major areas: Access to Medicines and Reimbursement, Ethics, Partnership, and Intellectual Property Rights. Specifically, APRaD:
• Builds awareness about the R&D Pharmaceutical industry and original medicines;
• Strives to resolve Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection issues
• Is the advocate for a better access to quality medicines and establishment of reimbursement system;
• Promotes and encourage ethical business principles and practices among its members and the pharmaceutical industry in general;
• Develops effective partnership with Government stakeholders as well as represent the interests of the pharmaceutical industry before all relevant authorities;
• Establishes appropriate links with international pharmaceutical associations;

The activities of the Association are not intended to generate profits. The Association has no intention whatsoever to create or promote cartels or gentlemen's agreements and will put in place active measures to ensure such arrangements do not arise. The Association does not engage in trade, commercial transactions or political activities.

Our Strategic Working Groups:

To reach its objectives, APRaD functions through three Strategic Working Groups (SWGs): HC Reform, Reimbursement and IPR issues SWG; Regulatory and Quality Control + Registration Issues SWG and PR, Partnership and International Relations SWG. Strategic Working Groups are forums for discussing issues, developing common opinions and positions, and acting respectively.


The Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD)
vul. Verkhniy Val, 4-V, office 216, Kyiv 04071, UKRAINE
Tel./Fax: +380 (44) 493 91 30